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or chat with me! I always strive to help others find the light that hid from me for so long. 

To find your true self: 

When you refuse to pursue recovery, you will continue to constantly think about food, weight, calories, exercising, and eating; this eats away at your personality and turns you into an individual who is unrecognizable. Frequently thinking about disordered behaviors give you no time to discover what you want to do with your life; it destroys your dreams, hopes, and future. However, if you decide to pick recovery, you will begin to gain motivation; motivation to help you pursue all your dreams. Not only will it reveal hidden talents that your eating disorder stole form you, but you'll be able to smile again, laugh like never before, and sicker your beautiful bright personality. 


To become healthy: 

It is physically impossible to achieve all your goals and desires if you are not physically or mentally healthy. Although many individuals who suffer from an eating disorder deep down, know their disordered behaviors are unhealthy, they continue to live under the rules of an eating disorder. Eating discards damage the bones heart, cause chemical imbalances and malnutrition and so much more; this is not even taking the mental aspect into account. I know you're tired of being ruled by your disorder, even though it's extremely hard to admit, it's exhausting, tiring, and terrifying. An eating disorder is not ever going to lead you to happiness or cues, trust me. If you want to see yourself achieve those goals you have in mind, perhaps it's marrying the love of your life, adopting 10 dogs, having a family, or building your own business; chasing recovery is the only path that will take you there. Recovery is scary, I know, but it will never harm you as much as your eating disorder did, in the end, you won't regret giving your smile or life back. 


To enjoy life:

This may sound cheesy, but life is full of wonderful opportunities that an eating disorder often takes away. Recovery gears you toward the beauty of life and allows you to enjoy everything from big to small, bad to good. At the trenches of an eating disorder, you don't feel or enjoy anything; you're numb. I can personally tell you that the times where I felt satisfied were only the times when I was occupied with food and weight. However, I have learned throughout recovery that life has so much to offer; things I didn't experience with an eating disorder. You only have one life, don't let it be consumed by thoughts of calories, food, weight, and exercise. 

I know recovery is hard, trust me, I've gone through so much pain, tears, and breakdowns (I still do), but never would I prefer the lifeless me who never smiled, isolated myself, and preferred to be dead rather than alive. I have found peace within myself and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know for sure, once you discover your laugh, smile, and happiness you would agree as well. 

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