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Pica Symptoms: 

Pica is often seen in children as they become curious about their environment

Sometimes, pregnant women also suffer from pica, this can be due to their childhood where they practiced similar behaviors or have a familiar history of pica/eating disorders. Keep in mind these are not ALL the symptoms but rather the most common ones. 

Physical Symptoms: 

  • Constipation 

  • Diarrhea 

  • Chronic abdominal pain

  • Decreased appetite 

  • Extreme yellow tint or pale tint of skin

  • Inflammation in abdominal area or tightness

  • Poisoning 

  • Tooth or mouth injuries 

  • Iron deficiency and anemia 

  • Intestinal blockage 

  • Toxicity in the body

Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms:

  • Eating nonfood items such a clay, paint chips, sand, dirt, paper, ashes, stop, rocks, glass, chalk, glue, hair, starches, as well as feces for a month or longer

  • Behavior is not apart of a culture 

  • Dieting 

  • Avoiding food with nutritional value 

  • Eating nonfood items to satisfy their cravings 

  • Often times, people who live in poverty suffer from pica 

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