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Muscle Dysmorphia Disorder Symptoms: 

Keep in mind these are not ALL the symptoms but rather the most common ones. 

Physical Symptoms:

  • Frequent injuries 

  • Heart problems 

  • Liver damage 

  • Kidney damage 

  • Damaged bones and muscles 

  • Negative side effects due to steroids or other supplements. 

Emotional/behavioral symptoms: 

  • Having an extreme workout plan 

  • Being obsessed with their body and that it isn't lean enough 

  • Isolation from social activities, work, or school due to needed to workout and maintain a certain diet

  • Constantly mirror checking or avoiding the mirror 

  • Continuing to workout even if injuries occur 

  • Abusing supplements 

  • Anxiety/depression if they miss a workout 

  • Suicide 

  • Not able to relax 

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