Diabulimia Symptoms: 

Occurs with people who have type 1 diabetes and restrict/manipulate their insulin intake to provoke weight loss. Keep in mind these are not ALL the symptoms but rather the most common ones. 

Physical symptoms: 

  • Weight loss/severe functions in weight 

  • Growth failure (adolescents) 

  • Poor blood sugar control causing frequent hospital visits 

  • Delay in puberty/ sexual maturation 

  • Loss of period or irregular period 

  • Urinary infections 

  • Loss of appetite 

  • Nausea and stomach pain 

  • Constant trips to the toilet 

  • Hair loss

  • Infections or bruises having trouble healing 

  • Drinking excessive fluids 

  • Dry skin

  • Dehydration 

  • Dental problems 

  • Recurrent episodes of hypoglycemia 

  • higher hemoglobin A1c levels 

  • Microvascular disease that affects the eyes, kidneys, and heart 

  • Lose of period 

  • Osteoporosis 

  • Thinning hair

Emotional/ Behavior symptoms: 

  • Missing checkups 

  • Getting aggressive when questioned about injections or diabetes control 

  • Often depressed or anxious 

  • Obsessing with body/constantly body checking  

  • Withdraw from school or work 

  • Isolation 

  • Over exercising 

  • Refuses to eat with others 

  • Skip insulin injections 

  • Obsessing over food and calories