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Bulimia Symptoms: 

Keep in mind these are not ALL the symptoms but rather the most common ones. 

Physical Symptoms: 

  • Bloating/water retention 

  • Insomnia 

  • Swelling of glands 

  • Broken blood capillaries in the face and eyes 

  • Weight gain 

  • Decreased immunity 

  • Tooth decay 

  • Fatigue 

  • Recurring mouth ulcers 

  • Chest/ abdominal pain 

  • Deficiencies 

  • A chronic sore throat

  • Headaches 

  • Lowered blood pressure 

  • Hair loss 

  • Dry, brittle skin, hair, and nails 

  • High blood pressure during binge sessions 

  • Low body temperature 

  • Heart palpitations 

  • Fainting and dizziness 

  • Calloused and bruised hands

  • Blurred vision

  • Irregular bowel function

Emotion and behavioral symptoms: 

  • Fear of putting on weight 

  • Constantly thinking about food, being extremely critical of their body 

  • Mood changes 

  • Avoiding social activities

  • Feeling like they have no control over eating 

  • Feeling extremely guilty and ashamed 

  • Going to the bathroom a lot after eating, looking frequently flushed

  • Eating a large quantity of food very fast 

  • Excessively exercising 

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