About me

 My name is Alyssa Gutierrez and I am16 years old. In summary, I suffered from anorexia and other eating disorder tendencies for over a year. I was then admitted to a local eating disorder clinic in Texas as an inpatient due to my frail and weak body - I was at death's door at this point. After two months passed, I discharged from inpatient and was able to continue my treatment on home grounds. Ever since, recovery has been a rocky road, but deep down, I know I do not want to be dancing with the devil again - I must talk back to my eating disorder to continue thriving, and that alone requires an unbelievable amount of strength. Although it requires an immense amount of strength, I firmly believe everyone has the potential to recover from an eating disorder - It is all about determination and willpower. As I used my experience to help others reach toward the path of recovery, I reflected back and came to the conclusion that there is a lack of awareness in Spanish-Speaking countries; stigmas are commonly used to diagnose eating disorders and help is not reaching the people who need it. As a result, I plan on using my Spanish-speaking skills and English skills to reach various communities and raise awareness where needed. Not only do I want to raise awareness, but I aspire to help others pursue or continue their road to recovery. My goal by creating this blog is to educate the public and help others through my advice, research, and experience so they can prevent the horrendous suffering or end it.