For Those Suffering: 

Feedinghappiness is an eating disorder blog that offers support to those suffering or recovering from an eating disorder. It is dedicated to helping people who are suffering from an eating disorder defeat the enemy - the disorder. I cannot express how much courage it takes to accept recovery, but what I can say is that everyone has that courage; it has not been taken by the disorder. This website contains a blog, information over eating disorders, advice for loved ones, contact information, recovery advice, and inspiration to help guide you to the light. You cannot thrive until you have decided that living in the trenches of your disorder has done nothing but damage your life - it's destroying it. I firmly believe deep down, there is a glow in your heart that is persuading you to recover, all it takes is recognizing that warm glow to engage in happiness and freedom. 

For Those In Recovery: 

Not only is my website aimed towards helping people find freedom from the depths of their disorder, but I also have resources included in my website to help those in recovery continue their journey. Relapses are possible, but they do not define you. View them as opportunities to learn rather than seeing them as failure. My goal is that you feel as if this website is your safe space; everyone is rooting for your recovery. As Margret Thatcher once said, "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."

Lack of Awareness in The Latino Community:

There is a common misconception that eating disorders only affect Caucasian women when eating disorders actually affect all genders, ages, races, and social classes. Eating disorders affect 30 million individuals in the United States, making anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorders, and bulimia nervosa the most prominent disorders. in the Latino community. There is so much attention on food but yet weight is such a huge concern. Young girls who girl up in the Latino community are born into the standards of having a curvier body type. When these young girls attend school in a primary Caucasian institution, the eating habits and body shape are very different and results in peer pressure of wanting to be skinny in order to please others. The Latino community has a lack of awareness towards eating disorders. They are often left out of eating disorder research studies, which continues to encourage the false belief that Latinos are immune to eating disorders. In addition, the media continues to focus on Caucasian women having eating disorders and misinterpreting true statistics. It is easier for Latino families to address the disorder as a physical issues rather than a mental one. Natural remedies are commonly used to "heal" the disorder or increase appetite. My website is not only dedicated to helping English speaking countries, but Spanish speaking countries as well. Everyone deserves access to treatment, no one should fear being shamed! Please chat with me if needed or visit my Spanish website for further information. I strongly encourage you to consult/visit a medical professional for a proper diagnosis and evaluation.